Group of Design Institutes (GDI) GIPROPROM STROY Ltd performs design of any complexity in all areas of production with a guarantee of high quality work.

GDI GIPROPROM STROY Ltd cooperates with the best specialists in design sphere and therefore can offer customer the solution of tasks of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

GDI GIPROPROM STROY Ltd provides engineering services and performs design of metallurgical, energy, construction and utility facilities.


  1. Preparation of technical specifications
  2. Providing the feasibility studies
  3. Project implementation
  4. Project handing over to appropriate agencies
  5. Author’s supervision
  6. General contractor services

Plant-wide facilities

  • Lime production departments
  • Departments of scrap preparation and recycling
  • Metallurgical production wastes recycling units
  • Machine-building complexes of spare parts production and repair of process and auxiliary equipment
  • Technological and plant-wide transport and storage facilities
  • Energy supply facilities: heat supply, gas supply and air separation products supply facilities
  • Electricity supply facilities
  • Environmental protection facilities as follows:
  • water basin protection: closed water recycling systems, water supply facilities, water disposal facilities, water treatment facilities;
  • protection of air basin: technological and aspiration gas cleaning units;
  • facilities and plants for using secondary fuel, energy, physical and raw materials resources;
  • Fire protection system
  • Railway and road transport facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Instrumentation and controls systems, communication systems, automated control systems, telemechanization systems
  • Technological processes and production integrated control systems, structured cabling systems, instrumentation and controls systems, communication systems, automated control systems, energy supply utilities and telecommunications
  • Detailed engineering drawings for non-standardized equipment, nonstandard complete devices, etc.

Electrotechnical facilities

  • External electricity supply systems as follows:
  • electric power lines, transformer substations, electrical distribution points with voltage up to 10 kV;
  • electric power lines, transformer substations, electrical distribution points with voltage up to 35 kV;
  • electric power lines, transformer substations, electrical distribution points with voltage up to 750 kV;
  • Electrical power equipment
  • Electric drives of equipment and mechanisms
  • Buildings and structures inside lighting
  • Streets, squares and territories external lighting
  • Special lighting
  • Sanitary engineering systems automation and instrumentation
  • Heat and power processes automation and instrumentation
  • Fire-extinguishing units automation and instrumentation
  • Technological processes automation and instrumentation, engineering maintenance of automated process control systems
  • Automation boards
  • Distribution telephone networks
  • Remote control and supervisory control systems
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Automatic telephone station of institutions
  • Radio and television distribution networks
  • Radio transmission units
  • Corrosion protection with application of the cathodic polarization protection
  • Electrotechnical detailed engineering design documentation for cabinets, panels, consoles

Mechanical facilities

  • Machines of the continuous transportation (belt, screw conveyors)
  • Swing gates, sliding gates
  • Mechanisms of windows opening and window panels, industrial hall lights mechanisms
  • Elevating transport devices (non-automatic)
  • Transmission mechanisms for wheel transport
  • Ladles lining and furnace body drying devices
  • Stands
  • Cinder pots, moulds
  • Big bag dischargers
  • Non-fluid oil lubrication system for metallurgical equipment
  • Capacitive vessels for water supply, oil supply and air separation systems
  • Air supply systems, gas cleaning systems equipment
  • Stands

Thermal facilities

  • Steam and hot water boilers, external and internal networks of heat, steam, condensate
  • Gas boosting and gas mixing stations, external and internal networks of natural, blast furnace, coke and ferroalloy gas with pressure up to 1.2 MPa
  • Air separation units, oxygen, argon and nitrogen storage and gasification systems, internal and external networks of air rarefaction products, air production
  • Internal and external networks of compressed air
  • Oil storage facilities, oil supply systems
  • Refrigeration units

General Plan and Transportation

  • Layout plan
  • Topography arrangement plan
  • Earth mass plan
  • Summary plan of engineering networks
  • Territory improvement plan
  • Access roads, onsite roads and railways
  • Drainage trays etc.
  • General plans of urban and rural settlements
  • Regional planning schemes
  • projects of industrial zone (district) city planning

Water supply and sewerage facilities

  • Internal and external water supply and sewerage systems
  • External water supply and sewerage systems
  • Constructions on water supply and sewerage networks, water intake and booster pumping stations, industrial enterprises recycling systems, water towers, water treatment facilities.

Industrial ventilation and gas cleaning facilities

  • Development of heating systems, heat supply systems and ventilation systems of industrial buildings and structures, administrative, public and residential buildings
  • Development of central air-conditioning systems
  • Development of aspiration systems for process equipment, units and assemblies
  • Development of gas cleaning systems as well as environmental impact assessments


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